1.1200V/90A Cree or Rohm SiC MOSFET with SiC Diode used.

2.2 paralleled 1200V/40A IGBT could also be assembled in.

3.Suitable for research or demonstration

4.DC Voltage Max: 850V (Film Capacitor)

5.15kW (DC≤850V, Io≤30Arms, Switching Frequency≤200kHz, depending on heat sink and other conditions )

6.SiC MOSFET is driven by ACPL-P349 (Delay time≤50ns )

7.DC Voltage detection by isolation Amplifier: ACPL-C87A (600:1)

8.3 Phase AC output current detection by isolation Amp: ACPL-C79A

9.Controll circuit is powered by a single +5V(>1A) power supply.

Block Diagram

System Layout


Double Pulse Test Configuration

Double Pulse Test: Waveform

Power Loss Test: Data

High Current Turn Off Test

Power Loss Simulation Result

Analog Output